Hotel Story

The creation of Hotel Melby was guided by a simple principle: to add beauty to the world; not just with its physical presence, but throughout every interaction the property and its associates have with its guests and its community.

There is natural beauty in imperfection, and we embrace it! Hotel Melby’s interior design juxtaposes rustic and unexpected elements into a polished and stylish background. This is a signal to our guests to come as they are to a place where they will feel comfortable and at home.

Come here to work, play, and relax. Oversized desks, ultra-fast wi-fi, warm colors, a vibrant rooftop scene, stunning views. All this surrounded by an array of shops, restaurants, and historical landmarks. Finding beauty is contagious; come to be surrounded by it, so you can connect with the one you carry inside.


Hotel Melby is situated at one of the highest elevations in the City of Melbourne.

Standing at 11 stories, each one of its guest rooms offers its occupants breathtaking views of the surrounding city and waterways.

Its guest rooms were crafted by award-winning designer Malcolm Berg and his team at EoA Architecture.

Subtle aerospace imagery blends with cozy furnishings to remind guests of Melbourne’s Space Coast location.

Rocket launches can be seen from its rooftop, where guests can enjoy specialty drinks in the indoor/outdoor bar & lounge.

The spectacular New Horizons rooftop ballroom is named after a space probe launched to explore the solar system. It can host sit-down dining events for over 150 guests.

A “motion lab” allows guests to explore the boundaries of their fitness routines on the latest Life Fitness and Peloton equipment.

For those who prefer to stay grounded, the specialty coffee house on the ground floor places them in the heart of downtown’s entertainment district.

A three-level parking garage is reminiscent of a rocket launch pad and provides ample, secure parking for all hotel and rooftop guests.

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Downtown Melbourne is home to unique shopping, restaurants and entertainment set in a vibrant walking area off the Indian River. There are plenty of activities along the Space Coast to keep you busy with rocket launches, golf, watersports or just a relaxing day at the beach!

Hotel Melby is within minutes of many corporations including L3Harris, Embraer, Northrop Grumman and Health First. Just 3 miles from Melbourne’s sandy beaches and the Orlando Melbourne International Airport; and 1 hour from Orlando’s attractions.

801 East Strawbridge Avenue
Melbourne, Florida, 32901


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